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People assume that Product Launch is only for big companies as they have large budgets and tons of resources, which is highly mistaken. As a start-up too you have the luxury to build in Product Launch and to create resources using technology. The main Purpose of a Product Launch is basically to build Sales and Momentum. This enables the business to grow and prosper.By this,more customers will be added, the influence will be expanded, and more people will be hired etc.


1. Increase Your Income
2. Increase Your Impact
3. Gain Strategic Positioning
4. Grow Your Culture
5. Stabilize Your Business
6. Increase Your Authority


PAAGC DIGITAL helps to create a winning product launch which will deliver sales momentum for your business. Here our professional team follows the following agenda, which helps us to deliver winning product launch, hence, satisfying our clients to the best:

1. Matching Product Capabilities to Market Needs- A winning product launch always starts with matching the capabilities of your product (or service) to the needs of the target market.
2. Clear Positioning and Messaging- Positioning is the set of things should be done to place the product clearly in the minds of the buyers. If the positioning is not clear, the buyers will be confused and the potential partners will be confused.
3. Setting Clear Launch Goals- PAAGC Digital understand the fact that we won’t have a chance at a winning product launch if we don’t establish clear goals. The goals frame the purpose of the product launch and help guide in evaluating launch tactics.
4. Priming the Pump- One of the biggest step to a successful launch is priming the pump. Priming the pump is the activities that are conducted to build excitement and create demand for the product and PAAGC Digital is best at creating the Excitement among the audience
5. Timing the Launch to Maximize Sales- Timing is everything. PAAGC Digital knows that every product has a particular best time for its launch. We also understand the concept of On/Off Season, so we guide our clients depending on the Season for the Launch.

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