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REAL ESTATE MARKETING, involves marketing of houses/ flats or lands online. It is very clear that we have to go through Combination of platforms. Social media, as well as running Search engine. Here, Optimisation is given less priority than running ad campaigns. It is advised to run ads on social media platforms like; Facebook, LinkedIn, and on search engines like; Display ads, and on Search results.

It is highly important to have a simple but informative Ads, making sure that we do not engage much of audiences time. Here our audiences our purely professional, so we should make sure that the content has a standard, and should have valid conversion points.

It is also important to have attractive photos and features put up. The website should be very simple and easy accessible.It is highly recommended to have a 3-D design, which makes it easier to understand and hence, easier to convert the lead. We should always be aware of our competitors. The professional team of PAAGC Digital initially provides a competitors report and the baseline, which makes us the best digital marketing agency in Real-Estate

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