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Having an online presence that is a website is not enough to get in traffic and also sales through your Website. It is important to let people know about your business and people now-a-days is online. Hence, we will have to reach to the people through online platform. It can be done through optimisation of search engine. There are various activities in Search engine Optimisation which Search Engine makes realize that there is a business which offers the particular services. The more the activities are done the better Google understands us and provides a better rank.


SEO is important to pull the traffic into the websites.
SEO will let Google know about our business and services and products offered by us.
Search Engine Optimisation provides Brand credibility
It provides better Return on Investment
The results are better
SEO is cheaper than other activities and is Long lasting


PAAGC digital has done a survey and got to know that 60% of the people or audience clicks on the First rank for a particular search result. Hence, we have designed a protocol which contains best set of activities which will help clients to get their business website to the top rank. PAAGC Digital also generates Audit report of the website and presents it to the client so that it makes them easy to understand. PAAGC Digital provides the best SEO Services in bangalore. It also provides SEO Consultancy to business with online firm, especially in e-commerce, medical clinics, semi-ecommerce, educational sector etc.

PAAGC digital has best Digital Marketing team which provides end to end services to the client and making them aware of the importance of the Activities done. We always prefer to make people Aware of the current technology, so that they be benefited with the latest technology and trend.


S.No Activities Silver Gold Diamond
1 Setting up Google Analytics Account Yes Yes Yes
2 Setting up Google Search Console Account Yes Yes Yes
3 Inter Linking of Tools Yes Yes Yes
4 Sitemaps Creation Yes Yes Yes
5 Business Listing 2/Week 4/Week 8/Week
6 Directory Submission 2/Week 4/Week 5/Week
7 URL Submission 2/Week 4/Week 8/Week
8 RSS Feeds Submission 1/Week 2/Week 5/Week
9 Blog Creation & Posting 2/Week 3/Week 5/Week
10 Forum Posting 1/Day 2/Day 3/Day
11 Creating Back Links Yes Yes Yes
12 Article Creation & Posting - - 4
13 Question & Answering 1/Day 2/Day 5/Day
14 Video Making - - 1 Powtoon Video / Week
15 Creative's Desigining 1/Day 2/Day 2/Day
16 E-mailers No 1/Week 2/Week
17 SMS Marketing 100/Day 200/Day 300/Day
18 Reciprocal Linking - - Yes
19 Write Reviews / Testimonials - 2/Week 4/Week
20 Keyword & Competitor Analysis Yes Yes Yes
21 Meta Description Content - Yes Yes
22 Meta Title Designing Yes Yes Yes
23 Recommendation of Coding Ethics for Digital Marketing Yes Yes Yes
24 Website Auditing Yes Yes Yes
25 Website loading time Analysis - Yes Yes
26 Keword stuffing Yes Yes Yes
27 Site Secure Certification Validation - - Yes
28 Traffic Monitoring Yes Yes Yes
29 Strategy Making Yes Yes Yes
30 Report Generation In Every 15 Days In Every 10 Days In Every 7 Days

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