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Most people who browses the internet leaves the pages quickly and shifts to the other.So, in this circumstance, it is difficult to convert the lead. Some people might visit the website when the product is out of stock. Some people might visit when they are in dearth of time. There can be lot different situations where people might not give enough time to the website to analyze its attractive component. This is the unavoidable reason. For this it is important to have website remarketing in the website, which will remind your potential customers about you, on different platforms of internet. As a Nutshell, remarketing allows you to showcase the ads directly to the target audience who have visited the website. When those people leave the website, ispite of the fact that they purchased the products or not, they will start to see your ads show up in relevant places across the internet.


1. Remarketing gives a chance to reach out to customers who have previously visited your website with banner ads.
2. It has the greater potential to turn a casual visitor into a paying customer.
3. Remarketing efficiently and consistently can raise conversion rates
4. Reliable way to reach your customers at the time when they’re ready to make a purchase.
5. Remarketing is very cost effective, so even smaller businesses can see a lot of success with this strategy.
6. Lower cost per impression because you won’t be competing for keyword placement in a Google Search.
7. Bring Your Customers Back
8. More leads
9. More customers / clients
10. A lower cost per lead
11. A higher ROI for your limited marketing dollars

12. Attract your Competitors' Customers


PAAGC DIGITAL has done a survey and found out that 96% of visitors leave without converting and 49% of visitors browse a site 2-4 times before they make a purchase. Hence,the dedicated team of digital marketers here work with proficiency and create remarketing strategies which increase the lead to conversion ratio. PAAGC Digital team recommends to engage your audience and has different unique strategies to engage your audiences for you.

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