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Paagc Digital Bangalore

Mr. Prasoon Sanwal

Founder & Managing Director

Mr. Prasoon Sanwal , the Managing Director of the PAAGC Digital Pvt. Ltd is a Dynamic Personality with vast Knowledge and experience in Marketing Industry. He considers Marketing as a part of Life. He has more than 150+ clients to which he provides services. He believes in “Live Together, Progress Together”.
Being a Managing Director of PAAGC Digital Pvt. Ltd, and a keen Learner, he adds New Trendy Services in the Company, to provide Best Current Services to his Client available in the Market.
He is not only an Entrepreneur but also a “Sales Coach”, who motivates and train other marketers to develop Marketing Skills. He says, “Marketing is the Brain of Organisation”. He persist his students to be up-to-date with the Different Marketing Strategies. He believes that Digital Marketing will soon replace the Traditional Marketing Approach and hence, trains students, professionals in “Digital Marketing”. Students trained under him call him as “Digital Guru”, due to his Extra-ordinary way of Teaching. He has been invited in many Seminars and Conferences to talk about “Young Entrepreneurs” and “Marketing Now-a- days”.
PAAGC Digital Pvt Ltd under his Mentorship provides Digital Marketing Solutions to big Educational Firms like, Sophia High School, CNK Educational Trust etc. Political Campaign like, Indian National Congress etc.
Blessed with his Versatile skills, he initiated PAAGC Digital Web Academy, which is a Training Academy for Digital Marketing and Web Technology. He Conducts free Workshops to encourage young Minds in Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship.
Apart from this he is a Philanthropist and spends 40% of his Salary on children’s Education. He is also a Nature Lover, and has Run many Campaigns like, “Plant your Life” and “Save your Home”.
Presently, he heads the Business, and Development Departments of the PAAGC .

Mr. Arun Rajput has 18+ years of Total experience, 03 years in hard core sales, 03 years in Business development, Branding, Franchising on Regional Level and 12 years in Corporate Relations / Campus Placements & Networking / Branding.

He holds his MBA , MPhil degree in Management ( Campus Placements & Career Opportunity ) from Jain University. His Passion is to provide Career Guidance / Skill based training /Life & Wellness Coaching & Mentoring / Business Consulting (Startup Mentorship) .He has a firm foot in Domains like Sales / Marketing / Business Development / Media buying / MBA Campus Training & Placements / life Wellness coaching. He has got Experience in various Industries like Real Estate / Ad. Media / Logistics / Education-Placements & Admission / Placement & Life Skill Training.

Currently Working as Head -Corporate Relations & Placements with Acharya Bangalore Business School, Bangalore (ABBS)

He has Worked with Just Dial Ltd , The Professional Couriers , Narayan Academy of civil Aviation (NACA) , , ICFAI Business School , Delhi Business School , New Horizon group of Institutions ,Krupanidhi School of Management & Jain University.

Paagc Digital Bangalore

Mr. Arun Rajput

Placement Director

Paagc Digital Bangalore

Ms. Anjali Mehta

Academic Director

Ms. Anjali Mehta , the Academic Director of the PAAGC Digital Web Academy is a Versatile Personality with her vast Knowledge and experience in Digital Marketing Domain. Though she holds her Distinction Graduation Degree of Speech and Hearing, she also has the deep knowledge in different domain like, Digital Marketing, Animations, Cinematography, Direction, Team Leading, Blogging etc to keep in touch with the Current Trends.

Coming to her Experience in Digital Marketing she has Head many Challenging projects related to different Industries like, Election Projects, Real- Estates, Detectives, YouTube Channel, Training institutes, Chemical industry, Sandalwood etc. During the Election Project, she has strategize all the Platforms including Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and SMS Marketing. She has designed a Cloud Software called Keyword Planner which allows the client to change the Keywords in their Websites by themselves. She has been an active member of Women Entrepreneurship Club and Technical Forums all across India. She has been titled as “The Lady Digital Marketer” by many Forums.

Due to her keen Interest in motivating young minds, she goes for Workshop on behalf of PAAGC Digital Web Academy to different colleges especially to study Young Brains and to interact with them. She has been learning and innovating in recent technological trends.

Beyond this Profile, she is a Soft-spoken and Down to Earth personality which adds vivacity to her profile.

Mr. Ojas Meher , the Branch Manager (Nagpur) of the Company, is a Young and Vibrant Person. He is a remarkable young talent who inspires everyone with his innovative ideas, conviction and new perspectives to things be it operations, finance or business development that he is accountable for. He believes in Hardship on a Strong Vision. His Energy is inevitable which provides him Success all through his Goals. Though he holds a strong Family Background, he still believes in his individuality. He is a Down to earth Personality, with a great heart. He always inspires the young brain.

Paagc Digital Bangalore



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