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Political campaign marketing strategies have the function of modifying the election of the electorate towards the Casting votes in favor of yours. PAAGC Digital has brought beautiful brains together to Escort your election Campaign to success.

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Mr. Prasoon Sanwal

Political Strategist

Mr. Prasoon Sanwal , is acknowledged as Political Strategist, and has been a political advisor for well fame politicians. He has exemplary knowledge about the twist-n-turns taken in politics. He has worked for Karnataka MLA Elections, Nagpur MLA Elections for different Constituencies and brought them to glory. He believes in results and quick actions. He says politics is a Game of Words and Time. What to project to people at a given time frame is important. He also Influences people with his experience and motivates them. His Magic Falters are believed to be the key behind successful Elections Campaigns.

Mr. Arun Rajput, People Politics Coordinator, has ancestries in Politics, and thus understands the relation between the voters and politicians. He very well understands what Common People or voters are looking to vote in the favor of a leader. His role in the team is vital to comprehend a successful digital election campaign. He has born and brought up in political background Scenario, As a Election Campaigner, he holds 21+ years of experience in this domain.

Paagc Digital Bangalore

Mr. Arun Singh Rajput

People Politics Coordinator

Paagc Digital Bangalore

Mr. Viswanath Raju

Political Analyst

MBA-IIM Bangalore

Mr. Vishwanadh Raju, a political analyst studies closely the development of political systems of a candidate or a party, researches various political subjects and collect and analyze data. Ultimately, he predicts political, social and economic trends, evaluate cultures, values and political ideologies and present unbiased reports. His vital role is to Collect data from sources such as public opinion surveys and election results, to lead the candidate or party to victory.

Ms. Anjali Mehta , the well-known face in Digital Marketing Domain. Coming to her Experience in Digital Marketing she has Head many Challenging projects related to different Industries like, Election Projects, Real- Estates, Detectives, YouTube Channel, Training institutes, Chemical industry, Sandalwood etc. During the Election Project, she has strategize all the Platforms including Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and SMS Marketing. She also shows interests in Animations, Cinematography, Direction, Team Leading, Blogging etc to keep in touch with the Current Trends.

Paagc Digital Bangalore

Ms. Anjali Mehta

Digital Media Strategist

Paagc Digital Bangalore

Mr. Ojas Meher


Mr. Ojas Meher , VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR works closely with the Field Director to identify, recruit and manage volunteers to help with various campaign activities. He helps coordinate the work the volunteers, utilize their skills and talents well and provide motivation. He organizes the various groups across the digital platform. He specializes in turning common people into volunteer to increase the conversion of votes. He drives the audiences as well to join with the Leader or Politicians to make the vote cast in their favor.

Ms. Muzakkira Shaik, the Communications coordinator work for candidates, legislators, and organizations involved in the political process. Her job involves managing political and legislative communications, writing speeches, press releases, and newsletters, coordinating media relations, updating social media, and implementing communications strategies. She has worked in different Political campaigns, utilizing her ability to build a strong communication between the different poles in an election campaign marketing.

Paagc Digital Bangalore

Ms. Muzakkira Shaik

Political Content Writer

Paagc Digital Bangalore

Mr. Umesh Joshi

Data Analyst

Mr. Umesh Joshi, A renowned Political pollster measures the effectiveness of a campaign and what voters think about candidates and issues. He manages all about data – gathering information in a variety of ways, evaluating responses, analyzing and organizing data, doing statistical analysis, and presenting the results in a comprehensive format.

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